Ah, April has arrived.  Green is carpeting the landscape, buds are slowly unraveling to release the individual miracle of each one’s flower, birds are frolicking, and everyone is enjoying being outside, longer days, and smelling the light, springtime aromas.  Everyone except for Coloradans that is.


Springtime weather in Colorado is as confused as American politicians, and the populous voting for them.  Forecasters were saying potential moisture, but 12 inches of heavy wet snow, Friday thru Sunday, ruining a weekend?  What are you supposed to do with two toddlers inside for the weekend?  Kids like the snow, but only for a limited time, and parent’s can only pretend to enjoy it for less, which forces you to be creative with your time.

My lovely wife enjoys baking, and had the perfect idea of baking the day away with the little ones.  It also worked out that we were invited to a friend’s house, and were asked to bring dessert.

I enjoy when my wife bakes as well, because I can help out here and there, but mostly its because I get to devour the delectable delights afterwards.

I hear them working away in the kitchen, laughing, playing, mixing, giggling.  I decide to walk in and find my daughter smiling like the Joker, and starting to mix a batter in the blender.  I find out they are starting to make banana bread.


My wife doesn’t understand how I can despise bananas so much, but love banana bread so passionately.  Bananas are a very greedy fruit.  Everything they touch is forced to take on their flavor.  Everything that is, except chocolate, cinnamon, toasted almonds, brown butter, chocolate chips, and everything else my wife cleverly uses to mask the spoiled bananas that go into it.

Once I smell banana bread baking, I totally forget about everything else they have baked, and start craving it, longing for it, the way you long for water after sitting in a life raft for 3 days.

I don’t eat banana bread like most, I enjoy dressing it up a little bit.  This works for all times of the day.  If it is in the morning, you can call it stuffed banana bread, after a meal call it dessert, or any other time of day call it a snack or a craving.  All are just fine.  I must admit, I’ll eat several pieces a day.

Slice of a chunk of fresh, gooey bread and breath in the steam as it is released from the center of the loaf.  Fry it in a cast iron pan with butter.  Find your favorite, soft white cheese, dark chocolate, and fruit to cover it with, and do your best to eat slow enough to enjoy.


The sweet and nutty bread, slightly caramelized in butter is good enough to eat on its own.  The cool, soft, sometimes stinky but always delicate triple cream cheese, complimented by the rich, smooth and velvety texture of the dark chocolate do not overpower the bread, but instead compliment it in a way that is hard to describe.  Your mouth is racing to place the all the textures, temperatures, and flavors.  An then…then you bite into the fresh fruit.


The joy of my wife and kids baking, the opportunity to bring dessert and spend an evening with friends, and the banana bread made the cold, the snow, and the shoveling worth it.




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