We’ve all got our favorite ways to cook asparagus.  Grilled, steamed, creamed, boiled, buttered, in a voulete, and many other ways, but have you ever smoked it?

No, not like that.

BBQ smoke…sort of.

I love using seasonal ingredients, and Asparagus is one of my favorite spring vegetables.

What else grows in the spring that goes great with Asparagus?

You guessed it…spruce needles.

Get some fruit cherry wood to make coals with.  Find the new growth areas of a spruce tree and tear them off.  Clip the freshest tips off to save for later.

Tie the asparagus to the branches and toss onto the coals with the asparagus on top.

As that is smoking, chop up the freshest tips of the spruce and mix it into a hollandaise or butter sauce.

The tips are fresh and light with a bit of a lemony tang which compliments the butter and the smoked asparagus nicely.

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