Most people I know state that breakfast is their favorite meal.  Is there a way to make it better?

You bet there is!

Breakfast Bread Bowls

They hardly add any time to prepping whatever breakfast you are cooking, but allow all the flavors to be held together, soaked up, and enjoyed.

Take a loaf of bread, I use sourdough, slice the top off and hollow out the inside leaving at least a quarter inch to the crust.

Throw some butter in the bottom and on the sides and then fill with whatever breakfast you are making.  Seriously, fill it with whatever you want.  You could even fill it entirely with gravy and have a TON of biscuits and gravy.  I chose to do a full english.  Bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans, eggs, and herbs.  I would suggest that if you want your yolk runny then cook it separately and put it on top after you bake it.  If you use a yolk sauce, like Hollandaise, then do the same thing.

Once it is filled to the brim, put the top on and put into the oven at 350.

Let it bake together and warm up the bread then serve.

You could use small loaves and make personal size ones and have a huge buffet, or do it family style.  The choice is yours.

“The food that I eat is united with my body just as my body is with my soul. My body and my soul are united in one being . . . and this typifies that great union we are destined to have with God, in one being.” – Eckhart Why do so many fill themselves with junk food rather than wholesome food? It does have a direct impact on our health and our soul. This was a quick meal to make and was super delicious and nutritious. Rosemary sourdough bread hollowed out and filled with a full English breakfast. I used turkey sausage and bacon, baked beans, portobellos, heirloom tomatoes, eggs, and garden fresh herbs. #homemade #fullenglish #breakfast #portobello #herbs #beans #turkey #dadsthatcook #tomatoes #heirloom #organic #gardenfresh #yardtotable #diy #sourdough #breadbowl #eggs

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