Cream of mushroom soup can be used in a host of ways, but have you ever thought about having it on it’s own?  Of course not, because everyone uses canned mushroom soup.

How about making your own.  When you run out because its so good, you will be mad at yourself for not making more to freeze.

Chop up some onions or shallots.  Start them cooking down in butter.

Add your chopped or whole mushrooms.  If you have to, use crimini or button caps.  If you are fortunate enough that you don’t have to use those, use whatever you can.  Morels, Chanterelles, Matsuake, Oyster, Trumpet, Chicken of the Woods, and whatever else you can find outside.

Cook them down until they’ve released their moisture and that has evaporated.

Once they’ve browned and the additional water is gone, add some crushed and chopped garlic.  Stir around to cook in the butter.

Once the flavors have mixed throw in some salt and pepper then pour in your dry white wine and reduce it at least by half.

Dump in your dill weed.  The fresher the better.  I use a LOT of dill, but make it to your preference.

I like to layer flavors of the same ingredients, but this isn’t necessary.  I add in some more fresh onions or shallots and garlic.

Douse it with chicken stock and let it simmer for a while so the flavors all merge.

Now you have some choices.

Do you like bacon?  Chorizo?  Are you vegetarian, don’t eat pork, or just using this as a typical mushroom soup?  You decide what you want.

I’m infatuated with chorizo.  So I add that to the soup and let it simmer.

If I’m in the vegetarian mood I make a mushroom chorizo to use.

If you decide not to use chorizo I would suggest adding smoked paprika for a little spice and lots of smoke.

You can add bacon if that is your thing, or don’t add anything extra.

After the broth has reduced add in your cream.  If you don’t have cream, milk will suffice.

Now is the time to dump in your sour cream.  Stir it until it is incorporated and heated throughout.

Add more dill weed and some lemon juice and get ready to enjoy.

As this is warming up I start toasting sourdough to dip into the soup.

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