Chicken can get a bad rap because it has become such a cheap ingredient with the prevalence of fast food restaurants.  Raised correctly and properly cared for through the cooking process it can be quite decadent.

Roasted, fried, smoked, confit, however you like to cook, chicken can handle it.  The great thing is, you can easily use the leftovers to make luxurious dishes like this smoked chicken salad.   Or, you could plan on just making this smoked chicken salad.

I love the essence of smoke which is why it is one of my preferred styles of cooking.  You can smoke your chicken however you have it, whole, in pieces, boneless, skin on, skinless, etc.  Just be sure to keep it moist through the process, and keep the temperature at 200-225F.

Once the chicken is cooked, shred it and pull every last piece off the bone that you can.  Feel free to use the skin now, or you could render the fat, and make cracklings to put on top for an unexpected flavor crunch.  Set the chicken aside in a large bowl.

Cut up your celery, onions, garlic, herbs, grapes, and nuts.  I typically use almonds, but have used walnuts, thyme, rosemary, or parsley, and onions (raw or sauteed), leeks or green onions.  I like to use small champagne grapes so I don’t have to spend the time cutting them, but when I can’t find them I settle for red seedless.  Throw everything into the bowl with the chicken.

Get out your fresh mayo, mustard, and lemon juice and start mixing to your preferred taste.  I use enough mayonnaise to cover everything and make it creamy.  I then add whole grain mustard, roughly 1/3rd the amount of mayo.  Squeeze some fresh lemon juice on top, salt and pepper, and mix thoroughly.

Grill or toast some sourdough bread and use that as a large cracker to dip into the chicken salad or as an open face sandwich.

This is one of those dishes that tastes great right away, but let the flavors meld together in the fridge for a little and it tastes even better.  I guess that is my way of saying, make sure to make enough for leftovers.  You will thank yourself.

I love when my kids ask for unconventional kids food. I have to make them what they ask for when that is the case. . My daughter told me she wanted chicken salad for supper, so of course I obliged. . My version has smoked chicken, whole grain mustard, usually homemade mayonnaise, celery, herbs, almonds, and grapes, open faced on grilled sourdough. . I didn’t have to ask them once to finish their meal!!! . How do you make your kids or others feel loved? . . . #children #request #kidfood #kidfoodie #cookingwithkids #chickensalad #organic #smoked #makeyourown #diy #madeathome #amateurchef #celebratingallthingsfood #chicken #poultry #sourdough #recipe #delish #foodie #tryit #seconds #kidfood #grapes #healthyfood #eathealthy

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