Need help getting the kidlets to eat their veggies?  We are always looking for ways to sneak the nutritious greens into their stomachs.

Zucchini pasta seems to be the answer.  They love to search through the zucchini leaves looking for the fruit.  They run up to me to ask me to pick it because the pointies hurt their fingers.

Once you’ve got your zucchini cut it into the noodles that you want.  You could use a mandolin to make it like lasagna noodles, or spaghetti noodles.  We have a spiral slicer that cuts them into curly noodles.

Once they are in the preferred noodle form, put a light coat of starch on them.  Corn starch, potato starch, or flour seems to work fine.  Heat some olive oil in a skillet and lightly pan fry the “noodles”.

When they are hot and cooked, add some garlic, stir for a bit, and then remove from the skillet.  Toss them into a bowl and add pesto, lots of pesto if that’s your thing.  We garnish with fresh Parmesan, basil, tomato, and avocado.

The kids went from saying, “yuuuuuuuuuck” at the thought of it, to asking for seconds and thirds, and eventually eating everything we had made.  I’m sure your kids will do the same thing.

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